Monday, July 28, 2008

20 Years Ago...


Tonight I am sitting at my desk backing up files and scratching accomplished tasks from my great list of things to do. As I looked at today's date on my calendar I remembered my spiritual birth. Twenty years ago today, I came to a personal understanding of the power of the gospel and submission to the Holy Spirit's call to follow, believe, and find life in the Father through His Son Jesus.

I was in England that night having arrived in country for the first time just nine days earlier. I was lying in bed thinking of all that I had been taught to know and understand of God's nature, character, and promises. I had lived my life for the approval and acknowledgment of others. My spiritual identity was found in the affirmation from onlookers of my behavior and good works. I knew in my mind the truth, but my belief was cut short by my own lack of obedience to surrender my life and confess my sin and absolute need for the Savior.

I remember a simple and bounding joy in my heart and peace in my soul as I prayed, and through the torn veil I saw the promise of Calvary applied to my life eternal now destined for glory.

No matter what the past may have been, our lives depend on God's Sovereign Grace to rescue us from the sin of ourselves. I am blessed to have had the nurturing of my parents through God's Word from an early age. I am also blessed to have had the lyrics of Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs echo in my ears for many years prior teaching me the truth of the character and nature of my Creator God. Now, as one who images God through creativity, I pray that the Holy Spirit will measure through the gifts He has given me His Grace for others to see the beauty of God's Promise and Sovereign Love.

Thanks for celebrating with me!

Pack Light and Don't Forget Your Passport,


Monday, July 21, 2008

Norfolk, VA

It is always good to send a good report of God's work. My first concert back out on the road is always a great hurdle to cross. It seems a sudden change from being home - always a bit tentative and unsure. God is faithful - He will do it!
Last night was the House Concert for 1st Baptist Norfolk at the Goff House. There were about 50 people in attendance - some young married but mostly single college/career/military. I ran into a Citadel Brother there which is always good. The audience was a mixture of believing, non-believing, and searching people. It is such a joy and delight to serve the Lord in this simple way presenting the gospel and foundations of faith for life and growth in our hearts.
I head today back across the water to Newport News and join the Campus Crusade Military ministry for a staff conference outside the city. Please pray that this will be a fruitful time of ministry and encouragement to the missionaries with Crusade.
Pack light and don't forget your passport,

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Returning to the Blogosphere


I have stayed out of the blogging for the last two years since I moved from South Carolina to Tennessee - for no apparent reason. I have decided to begin again along with my updates to keep you all informed. Please subscribe to my Blog as well as the updates.

The summer has been a good break from the road, but it has also been very busy getting ready for the upcoming tours. This year I am reaching not only back into the military outreach in Europe, but I am also pursuing new ground in Asia as well as potential at the end of the year in Afghanistan. Booking in three continents (to include The States) presents many challenges and frequent desires to duplicate myself in order to spread the workload; nevertheless, God gives me strength and drive as I need it.

The new record is far from finished although it is far from forgotten. Things have just been very busy and finances tight. But the Lord has given me great peace about it - that is truly will be done when it is done and He is in control of all situations. There are some Pre-Release samples coming available on the web site very soon! Please check them out.

The Blog will once again start archiving - if you are interested in what happened three years ago, you can check that out here.

The traveling begins soon. Check out the whole new web site -

Pack light, and don't forget your passport!


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

There and Back Again

Dear Friends,

I have returned from my last Europe trip to Switzerland and Germany where I was involved in a single military retreat and did follow-up ministry at both Spangdahlem and Ramstein Air Bases. It was a wonderful trip with lots of reunited relationships with guys and gals with whom I have been over the last several years.

I had opportunity to meet with guys one-on-one and talk about foundations and our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. God moved in the hearts of some of the people bringing them to a deeper understanding of His redemptive work. Very exciting!

My good Friend and Brother in the Lord, Max Strange, has left his previous ministry after completing his work in Germany and returned to the States to come on board with Pilgrim Road Ministries and do discipleship in Ohio under the authority of his church there. He and I will be working together throughout the year doing retreats and conferences as we begin to plan strategy in that area. We are hosting our first retreat, the Reason Together Summit 2005, October 7-9 for a group of men as we look at the foundations and biblical texts for the doctrine of Justification. We are hoping to facilitate more of these for men’s groups around the country in the hear future.

The Pilgrim Road website is being updated, so you will have to stay tuned for those changes. Please visit at and click on Max’s link to learn more of his heart for the Lord.

I was honored to preach and do music at The Citadel – my alma mater in Charleston, SC last weekend. It is odd to think that 13 years ago, I was sitting out there as a freshman trying hard to stay awake in the quiet and cool contrast to the hectic and frantic life as a cadet.

I leave again in less than two weeks for my sixth military tour in Europe on October 11th where my first stop will be at a European-wide Military men’s conference where my father will be speaking and I will be leading music. I will continue on the road in Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Germany until December 7th, when I will return to the States for the holidays. I just received a request from Kuwait to go there for my last week and minister to the deployed troops right after Thanksgiving. Please pray with me that this will come to fruition.

Thanks to those of you who faithfully stay in touch with my on-the-go life and pray for me and the ministry and calling God has given. I appreciate your friendship very much. I hope to hear from you all again soon!

Pack light, and don’t forget your passport,


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A Short Layover

Dear Friends,

I am back from my Sabbatical in full tilt as things are heating up in South Carolina and I get ready for my fall season of touring. My summer retreat rendered six new songs that I plan to begin sharing on the road soon – so if I come to your area, expect some new tunes in the mix.

August 12th I held my annual Khaki and White, Pilgrim Road FAVO (Friends And Volunteers Of) Party. It was so good to have time with friends who have given so much to help further the vision for Pilgrim Road through their gifts, work, and prayers.

I leave this Friday, August 26th beginning the first segment of the fall tour heading first to Ohio, then on to Switzerland and Germany for a military retreat with many soldiers I have been with throughout the last few years. I return to the U.S. mid September for a month of traveling in the Southeast and also in New York. I will be returning to my alma mater The Citadel in Charleston on September 25th for a chapel service where I will be playing some music and preaching for the cadets.

Pray as the Europe Military Tour VI begins in October as the schedule begins to fill rapidly. We are in the stages of processing paperwork for my tour in Afghanistan in November/early December. This would be a great time of ministry and encouragement. There are still a few dates remaining throughout October-December, so if you are in Europe and would like a return visit for a concert, house ministry, or retreat, contact me through the website, and we will work on making that happen. Also – booking for spring and the upcoming Live Sessions for “Acoustic Graffiti” are in development – stay tuned and get involved!

As I depart, my heart is drawn to God’s Word and the Faithful men of Hebrews chapter 11 who sought our great and sovereign God with hearts set on eternity and a vision of a home far greater than the world’s dwelling places. God is faithful – He will do it!

Pack light, and don’t forget your passport!


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

On Sabbatical - Refreshed & New Songs

Dear Friends,

I know that it has been a very long time since you have had an update. Thanks for all your prayer, support and communication over this last year.

I had a short, but great time to catch up with friends and family over the 4th of July, and then departed on July 5th for a long-awaited sabbatical for four weeks to write and rest here in Otavalo, Ecuador.

I have a week left and God has been so gracious to make this time both restful and productive. I am sorry to say that while many of you in America have been suffering through the summer’s sweltering heat, the temps here have been absolutely incredible – a cool eighty degrees, breezy, crisp days, and mostly clear skies. The views of the Andes Mountains are spectacular bringing me inspiration on many fronts.

I have written new music – four new songs is the count at the moment. I have also worked on and about completed a book that I have been writing and hope to release at some point this year if it is the Lord’s will.

The fall tour is coming together quickly, and I am looking forward to seeing many of you again and some of you that I haven’t seen in a very long time. Pray with me as the prospect of heading to a forward deployment or two in some very hot places is looking better and better. This will be great ministry opportunity. Also keep posted for January as I am planning on doing a three-day live session recording in Greenville in preparation to release my 10 year Live Album of favorite songs and stories called “Acoustic Graffiti.” This is an invitation for your presence for the session in a live venue for one or all of the three days. More details in the coming months!

For now, I must go. I’m out in the mountains horse-back riding today. Maybe I’ll be inspired! Thanks again for staying in touch.

Pack light, and don’t forget your passport!


Saturday, June 25, 2005

Home Again - Five Down . . .

Dear Friends,

I returned to Greenville last Thursday evening concluding my fifth tour with the military overseas. The tour went well with many great opportunities for ministry and encouragement through the Word of God and music. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to all our service men and women and families serving overseas, seperated from family, friends, and spouses for months at a time. It has been a proviledge and honor to serve those who are serving us, bringing spiritual challenge and words of life from God's Word.

Thanks to IMA-E (Installation Management Agency - Europe), Chaplain Strong, Chaplain Madtes, and Marty McCarty for initiating this contract and making this tour possible. I hope to work more with the Army in this capacity in the near future.

It is good to be home and see friends and family. I have a summer break coming up when I hope to write new material. Many things are brewing in my heart to develop new music and messages. I have been blessed with a great retreat during the month of July for spiritual refreshment and personal rest. Please pray that the Lord will grant me creativity to put these exciting truths from God's Word into lyrics and messages that will encourage people world-wide as God continues to open new opportunities for ministry.

I hope to see many of you soon. Please drop a line to keep in touch!

Pack light and don't forget your passport,