Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Amongst the Monks

Hello All,
A couple of weeks ago I took three days and had a personal retreat. It is so important in the middle of our busy lives to take a time of rest and retreat. That sounds like a far-fetched dream for many of you - but even an early morning time of coffee and solitude and quiet can refresh the soul. I had a few days in between two locations and I found a retreat at a Trappist monastery in Achelse Kluis, Belgium.

There are many things about the Monastic lifestyle I do not fully understand; however, I am grateful that they have preserved a sanctuary for quietness, rest, and reflection in a world so depleted of these resources.

During my respite I truly rested, spend time in the word, memorized scripture, wrote, took walks and thought about a lot of things. All meals were spent in silence, although I did get to develop some good relationships with other there on personal retreat as well and had some very interesting conversations

If ever you are traveling in Europe, I recommend this experience. However, we have monasteries in America also that offer guest housing for those wanting personal retreat. Thanks for staying in touch.

Pack light and don't forget your passport!


Belgium - SHAPE & NSA

Hello again!
I have moved on from my time in Belgium working with chaplains at the Supreme Headquarters of Allied Powers in Europe (SHAPE) in Moons, Belgium and the NATO Support Activities (NSA) group in Brussels. Belgium - as far as weather - had its fare share of dreariness - but the opportunities for ministry were great. Some of the activities included - Youth & family Concerts, Men's Groups - teaching and music, WOC (women of the Chapel), Chapel services, and House Concerts.

I had an opportunity to reconnect with some chaplains I had been with before - Ch Strong and Ch Druckenmiller. I had worked with both of them before in other countries. It was great to also see people at these concerts that I had met before and now they are starting to sing along and know the words to my songs - and even - on occasion - make a specific request.

There have been many good times of fellowship with fellow brothers and sisters. God is faithful to bring that into my life at every turn. The family of God is a beautiful thing to experience on a world-wide level. It is always incredible to build such good relationships on the unshakeable foundation of Christ and truly enter into one another's lives.

I was able to take a day and travel to one of my favorite cities in the world - Brugge, Belgium. I suppose one of my reasons for it being a favorite is the amazing chocolate that is made there by families from generation to generation.

There are new posts published on Azimuth for your blogging enjoyments. Please take some time to check them out and pass them on to friends - Taming the Wild Heart and Baggage.

Thank you so much for your prayer and support. I look forward to seeing many of you back home soon or on the road somewhere!

Pack light and don't forget your passport!