Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Still on the GO!

Dear Friends,

I am sorry that you have not heard from me in a few weeks. Things have been very busy, so I do want to catch you up - but it will have to be still forthcoming as it is very late here and I fly out to Italy tomorrow. My good friend Max is going with me for a few days which will make it a great time and good fellowship.

Thanks for your prayers. If you have tried to e-mail me in the last five weeks, I have not recieved it as we are experiencing terrible e-mail trouble. I am very sorry.

Still not sure of my exact return date as I may be going on deployment in the Middle East in December, thus extending my return date by up to two weeks. Pray with me that this door will open if it is what God wants. There is a tremendous need for encouragement and ministry downrange with our troops!

I must go - be assured that there will be more updates very soon!

Pack light and don't forget your passport!