Monday, July 28, 2008

20 Years Ago...


Tonight I am sitting at my desk backing up files and scratching accomplished tasks from my great list of things to do. As I looked at today's date on my calendar I remembered my spiritual birth. Twenty years ago today, I came to a personal understanding of the power of the gospel and submission to the Holy Spirit's call to follow, believe, and find life in the Father through His Son Jesus.

I was in England that night having arrived in country for the first time just nine days earlier. I was lying in bed thinking of all that I had been taught to know and understand of God's nature, character, and promises. I had lived my life for the approval and acknowledgment of others. My spiritual identity was found in the affirmation from onlookers of my behavior and good works. I knew in my mind the truth, but my belief was cut short by my own lack of obedience to surrender my life and confess my sin and absolute need for the Savior.

I remember a simple and bounding joy in my heart and peace in my soul as I prayed, and through the torn veil I saw the promise of Calvary applied to my life eternal now destined for glory.

No matter what the past may have been, our lives depend on God's Sovereign Grace to rescue us from the sin of ourselves. I am blessed to have had the nurturing of my parents through God's Word from an early age. I am also blessed to have had the lyrics of Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs echo in my ears for many years prior teaching me the truth of the character and nature of my Creator God. Now, as one who images God through creativity, I pray that the Holy Spirit will measure through the gifts He has given me His Grace for others to see the beauty of God's Promise and Sovereign Love.

Thanks for celebrating with me!

Pack Light and Don't Forget Your Passport,