Wednesday, September 28, 2005

There and Back Again

Dear Friends,

I have returned from my last Europe trip to Switzerland and Germany where I was involved in a single military retreat and did follow-up ministry at both Spangdahlem and Ramstein Air Bases. It was a wonderful trip with lots of reunited relationships with guys and gals with whom I have been over the last several years.

I had opportunity to meet with guys one-on-one and talk about foundations and our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. God moved in the hearts of some of the people bringing them to a deeper understanding of His redemptive work. Very exciting!

My good Friend and Brother in the Lord, Max Strange, has left his previous ministry after completing his work in Germany and returned to the States to come on board with Pilgrim Road Ministries and do discipleship in Ohio under the authority of his church there. He and I will be working together throughout the year doing retreats and conferences as we begin to plan strategy in that area. We are hosting our first retreat, the Reason Together Summit 2005, October 7-9 for a group of men as we look at the foundations and biblical texts for the doctrine of Justification. We are hoping to facilitate more of these for men’s groups around the country in the hear future.

The Pilgrim Road website is being updated, so you will have to stay tuned for those changes. Please visit at and click on Max’s link to learn more of his heart for the Lord.

I was honored to preach and do music at The Citadel – my alma mater in Charleston, SC last weekend. It is odd to think that 13 years ago, I was sitting out there as a freshman trying hard to stay awake in the quiet and cool contrast to the hectic and frantic life as a cadet.

I leave again in less than two weeks for my sixth military tour in Europe on October 11th where my first stop will be at a European-wide Military men’s conference where my father will be speaking and I will be leading music. I will continue on the road in Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Germany until December 7th, when I will return to the States for the holidays. I just received a request from Kuwait to go there for my last week and minister to the deployed troops right after Thanksgiving. Please pray with me that this will come to fruition.

Thanks to those of you who faithfully stay in touch with my on-the-go life and pray for me and the ministry and calling God has given. I appreciate your friendship very much. I hope to hear from you all again soon!

Pack light, and don’t forget your passport,