Thursday, July 10, 2008

Returning to the Blogosphere


I have stayed out of the blogging for the last two years since I moved from South Carolina to Tennessee - for no apparent reason. I have decided to begin again along with my updates to keep you all informed. Please subscribe to my Blog as well as the updates.

The summer has been a good break from the road, but it has also been very busy getting ready for the upcoming tours. This year I am reaching not only back into the military outreach in Europe, but I am also pursuing new ground in Asia as well as potential at the end of the year in Afghanistan. Booking in three continents (to include The States) presents many challenges and frequent desires to duplicate myself in order to spread the workload; nevertheless, God gives me strength and drive as I need it.

The new record is far from finished although it is far from forgotten. Things have just been very busy and finances tight. But the Lord has given me great peace about it - that is truly will be done when it is done and He is in control of all situations. There are some Pre-Release samples coming available on the web site very soon! Please check them out.

The Blog will once again start archiving - if you are interested in what happened three years ago, you can check that out here.

The traveling begins soon. Check out the whole new web site -

Pack light, and don't forget your passport!